The Tent City in Varanasi is one of the major tourist attractions in India. It is located near the Varanasi railway station and is a great attraction for visitors from all parts of the country and abroad. You can find various handicrafts at the ‘tented city’.

Location of the ‘tented city’

If you are looking for a unique experience, then Varanasi Tent City is just for you. It is located on the sandy banks of the holy Ganga River. This luxury tent facility offers five-star accommodation and is expected to serve as a perfect base for tourists. In fact, it has been awarded ‘Deluxe’ status by the Ministry of Tourism.

The tent city was conceived by the local administration to cater to the rising demand of accommodation in Varanasi. According to Rahul Mehta, the president of the Tourist Welfare Association in Varanasi, the Tent City will offer comfort and security to the tourists. He also stated that this initiative will give a new dimension to the tourism industry in the state.

The Varanasi Development Authority (VDA) has been tasked with the task of developing the tent city. This is the nodal agency for the project and will ensure that all the necessary requirements are met in the timely manner. Several government departments have been working together for the completion of the project.

After the flood season ended in October, the Varanasi Development Authority will erect the tent city on the sand beds of the Ganga. This is part of the Yogi government’s initiative to boost tourism in the state. There will be three clusters of tents. Each one of these tents will have a capacity of 200 people.

Moreover, the ‘Tent City’ will be equipped with a number of facilities such as swimming pools, spa, conference rooms, and yoga centers. These facilities will be complemented by various recreational activities such as horse riding, camel rides, and river cruises. All these amenities are designed to give the visitors a feel of nature and serenity.

Another attraction of the Tent City is the opportunity for guests to attend cultural shows. During these programs, the visitors will be able to watch classical music performances and even take part in an evening ‘arti’. They will also have access to boat tours on the Ganga. Also, they can enjoy a quiet, scenic view of the ghats from the tents.

Apart from these facilities, the tent city will also have a restaurant and a VIP lounge. The tents will be equipped with amenities such as a wardrobe, mini-fridge, room heater, TV, and safety lockers. Furthermore, they will also have a library and a gaming zone.

Among the premium accommodations, the Tent City offers Swiss cottages, deluxe tents, and super deluxe tents. The deluxe and super deluxe tents have a capacity of 400 square feet and 500 square feet respectively. Additionally, the rooms will have a king-sized bed and a plunge pool. At the dining area, the guests can order Banarasi thandai, which is a specialty of the region.

Aside from the accommodation, Tent City will also provide other services such as a spa and a gaming zone. It will also have a restaurant, a library, and a VIP lounge.

Handicrafts to be sold at the ‘tented city’

If you are one of the more than a few thousand who have been on the grid for more than a couple of days you probably have already heard of the upcoming Native American Handicrafts and Artisans fair. This two-day event will feature a collection of the best in class indigenous arts and crafts talent from across the country. It’s a must attend event for any intrepid explorer who has been following the latest in tribal business news. The tented city will also feature a marquee event. Among the myriad vendors you can expect to find an impressive array of artifacts of all shapes and sizes. Despite the impressive list of winners, you are still likely to have a tough time deciding which of them to purchase first.

Tenders to develop and run the ‘tented city’

A new era of river cruise service is coming to Varanasi in the form of Tent City. The city, located on the eastern bank of Ganga, will be a tourist attraction in its own right. The project will be developed in a public private partnership (PPP) mode. It is estimated that it will generate direct employment for 4,000 locals.

While the project is still in its infancy, the city is already taking strides to boost tourism and provide respite from the city’s hectic pace. According to Keertiman Srivastava, regional tourism officer in Varanasi, the Tent City will be built along a five-kilometre stretch of the river. Tourism officials believe that the Tent City will help the city attract more foreign tourists who have an interest in the holy ghats.

As the name implies, the Tent City will offer accommodation to tourists. It is expected that the facility will be in operation from October to June. It is also likely to have a restaurant and a gaming zone. There will be no need to walk around, as the city will be accessed from various ghats. However, it will be dismantled during the rainy season.

To be precise, the Tent City has three types of tents. A deluxe tent will be about 200 square feet, while the rest will be mid-sized. Another type of tent will be about 300 square feet. They will be accompanied by amenities such as a spa and a swimming pool. Besides, there will also be a yoga center and a conference hall. In addition, the Tent City will offer the aforementioned’stunning’ view of the ghats at night.

The project has been assigned to Varanasi Development Authority. Apart from developing the tent city, the authority will help ensure that the new facility is a success. This includes the procurement of a digital signature certificate. Moreover, a monitoring committee has been set up under the leadership of district magistrate Kaushalraj Sharma.

Other major players in the industry include Bharat Coco-cola Beaverages Pvt Ltd, Hindustan Liver Ltd, and Man Pasand Beverages Ltd. Additionally, the city has several industrial units. Some of them include Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited, Shree Agro Oils Pvt Ltd, and Bholanath Industries Ltd. Nevertheless, it is the locals of Varanasi who are most likely to benefit from this innovative scheme.

Besides, it is a smart move by the local administration to launch this initiative as a way of boosting the economy and tourism. Currently, the city has a population of about 1 lakh. By launching this new tourist attraction, the city hopes to boost the tourism industry to its former glory.

The City of Lights is one of the oldest cities in India. Despite its age, it is still a place of pilgrimage. As a result, it has a thriving economy and a plethora of development activities. On the horizon are projects that will connect Varanasi to other important religious centers in the country.

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