The objectives of Sudha Institute of Environmental & Technology are: to conserve natural resources and to improve their utilisation. SIET recognizes the need to conserve environment and biodiversity and rears it through people-oriented programmers. It undertakes afforestation projects, restores natural water resources, and conducts awareness generation campaigns. It also aims at engaging the rural masses in the program and inculcates eco-friendly attitudes among them.
Social upliftment

SIET India is an environmental science college in Varanasi that aims to promote sustainable development by developing human capacity through research and training. The institute aims at ensuring the sustainability of natural resources by reforestation and restoration of water resources. The institute’s community engagement program in the surrounding villages promotes citizen participation and teaches people to practice eco-friendly lifestyle. The institute’s social upliftment program focuses on empowering rural women by improving their skills and self-confidence.
The SUDHA Institute of Environment & Technology believes in the importance of village level institutions such as Panchayati Raj Institutions,. It works on the formation of Women Self-Help Groups and other groups for empowering rural women. The institute also facilitates farmers’ groups in skill-upgradation and receiving financial aid from various government schemes.

Development of women
SIET believes in developing the capacity of people by grooming women and empowering them with self-confidence. To achieve this objective, SIET ‘s team of dedicated trainers and facilitators conduct awareness and capacity building programmes in the region. Through these programmes, SIET aims to reduce out-migration and land abandonment and increase economic productivity of rural communities. These efforts have led to a reduction in rural poverty and the number of unemployed youth.

SIET is making great efforts in developing para-technicians who will be capable of enhancing the capabilities of hill-people. The development of such professionals can help them achieve higher social, economic, and environmental status. It is a win-win situation for all. The university has an active alumni network. SIET is also actively involved in developing the next generation of female environmental professionals. This will ensure that women are well-equipped with the necessary skills to advance the field.

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