Every year, this tiny pumping organ is celebrated on September 29 to remind people how important it is to keep it healthy. The ongoing stress of work and a hectic schedule will make it impossible for you to maintain your heart health, but by following these tips you can keep it intact.

Looking for more information about heart health? Make sure your heart is healthy on World Heart Day and every day!

Don’t Smoke

 Smoking should be stopped. Your heart health will immediately improve if you do this. Consult your doctor if you need help quitting.

Keep a Healthy Weight

 It is possible to lower blood pressure by losing as little as 3% to 5% of body weight, especially if you are overweight. Keeping the pounds off can be as simple as walking briskly every day.   

Keep Salt to a Minimum

 Salt intake should not exceed 2,000 mg per day, according to the experts. Salt can cause high blood pressure, which can lead to strokes and heart attacks.

 Get your Fruits and Vegetables Organic

 It’s never a bad idea to eat fruits and vegetables – except when they’re fried. According to experts, you should consume half of your daily calories from fruits and vegetables. In the absence of organic fruits and vegetables, book your space at our sports land farm, which ensures you a happy and stress-free life that can make your heart healthy.

 Don’t Eat Red Meat More Than Once a Week

 The cholesterol content of red meat is higher than that of other meats such as chicken and fish. Since cholesterol can make your heart disease worse, try to limit it and choose lean cuts like sirloin.

Regular Exercise is Essential

For optimum cardiovascular health impacts, exercise for at least 40 minutes three to four times each weekAt Sports land, we give you acres of leisure space and amenities to regularise your health.

Perform a Variety of Exercises

Maintain your body’s suspense. Mix aerobic, strength training, and stretching into your workouts. All are essential for optimal health.

Shift to Olive Oil

Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats, which help to decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol. It may help lower the chances of acquiring heart disease.

Select Natural over Refined

The less processed a product is, in general, the healthier it is. Consider “whole foods” to be organically grown foods such as sweet potatoes, bananas, and spinach.

So, just keep these things in mind and everything else would be fine.

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